Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cherry Tart Designs

I have one of the most creative, and awesome friends ever!


You can also find her blog here.


Check out some of her designs


I LOVE her paper bag albums. She gave me one as a gift when Bossman was born. Inside are nice little pockets and designs. Downright lovely.


She takes custom orders too if you don’t see anything in her shop that’s just right.



These are another of my favorites! Refrigerator albums. They have strong little magnets on back, great for not only the kitchen, but someone with an office!

Again, she takes custom orders, and is SUPER SUPER sweet to work with.


These lovely little magnets are mine. Well, Diva’s. They were a custom order. I’ve gotten to where I just tell her, “this is what I have in mind, these are the colors, now GO” Or something along those lines *grin* She never ceases to amaze. Beyond perfect every time!


But really, Check. These. Out.

Custom Photo pendants (or magnets) How awesome are these? I have two on their way to me now as little surprises for Diva and her Best friend.

There is so much more she can do! Any event you have coming up- birthday, anniversary, baby shower, wedding shower- any of Jaime’s stuff would make the perfect unique gift. She’s my go-go gal when I want something special at a great price!

So Run! Don’t walk to Cherry Tart Designs! Tell Jaime I sent ya!



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