Friday, March 19, 2010

8 years ago..


(forgive the exposed bra straps)

Eight years ago today, I became a mama of two. Diva was just 20 months old when Brainiac was born. He was due on St Patrick’s day, but held on a couple extra. He came into the world with strawberry blonde hair, and bright red skin.

He was such a good baby, and his personality soon showed through.

He was a lover of pattern, of routine.

He loved to cuddle, and loves his family.


(Halloween when he was 3, and Diva was 4)

Brainiac gets his nickname, because, well he is. He taught himself to read at the age of 4. We recently had a conference with  his second grade teacher who informed us that he’s tested out of all the tests they can give him at this level. He even tested on a third grade district wide benchmark test and aced it. He reads 175 words per minute with 100% accuracy and comprehension. He just blows us all away.

But all those smarts don’t take away from time to be silly. Being silly is one of  his favorite things to do.



No matter how busy he is with being silly, or being smart. He always has time for his mama.



Happy 8th Birthday! I love  you bud!


{Kimber} on March 19, 2010 at 7:48 AM said...

such a sweet post!!
Happy BD to your sweet boy :)

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