Thursday, December 3, 2009

What kind of mom are you?

Growing up, I never fit in any crowd. I was my own person, and never really felt accepted by anyone. When I got pregnant with Diva, I thought "Oh Finally! I'll fit in with a crowd now. Now I'm a MOM"
Well guess what? I still don't fit in! I quickly found out there are different kinds of moms. Stay at home moms, working moms, AP moms, natural moms, traditional moms, punk moms, crunchy moms, the list goes on and on. Have you ever been on Cafemom? !

Well guess what? My parenting style has changed over the years, because I've grown. But from the beginning I never fit into one mold. Oh believe you me I tried! I thought because I prefer to breastfeed, and liked cloth diapers that I should be a crunchy mom. Well I didn't quite fit in there completely. Yes I like cloth diapers, I think they are cute and all of my babies have been in them at some point. I am not the laundry queen. I have a hard time getting it all done. I have to wash the same load two or three times sometimes, before I remember to put it in the dryer.

What I have discovered whatever is that I have a little bit of this style, and a little bit of that style, and thats what makes me, me. As moms, as women.... I think we should concentrate more on supporting each other in this adventure we call motherhood. Its tough! We shouldn't concentrate so much on asking each other: What kind of mom are you?


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