Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Santa...and why I don't like the man.

Santa steals my thunder. Santa is a glory hog! No, not really, but here are my thoughts. I know you didn't ask for them, but I'm giving them anyway.

Yesterday I mentioned that I don't encourage a belief in Santa. I don't discourage it either.
I simply call them stockings, and refer to the fillings as stocking stuffers.
If It doesn't fit in the stocking, its not from "santa".
Santa doesn't bring big gifts to our house.
Why? Because I'm selfish. I don't want Santa to get all the thanks for the doll I went to four different stores and spend hours combing the internet for. I want the acknowledgment for that thankyouverymuch!

Yes Santa is great, and yes I have Santa decorations, and its all about the spirit of Christmas. But ya know, I prefer for the "santa" to be much more low key in our home.

I like having the kids open their gifts from us on Christmas eve. That way when they get their stockings Christmas morning, the kids can get excited about their santa stuff. And its not overshadowing the gifts from mom and dad.

How about you? How do you deal with Santa in your home?


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