Friday, March 12, 2010


Good friends are so rare. But oh so treasured.

Tonight brings the opportunity for us to spend some time with some of those rare friends. We met, 7 years ago while our hubbies were in college. Our girls, became fast friends. This is one of those even more special relationships where the husbands get along, share interests, and are friends, as well as the kids.

The end of college brought a big move for them, and visits are way to far in between. Tonight, our kids saw each other for the first time in 3 years. How great is it that it was like they had never left each others sides.

They laughed, played, and as I type this- there are still giggles coming from the room where they are supposed to be sleeping. I don’t have the heart to be strict with them. They leave again tomorrow, flying out to see family. They will be back for another night at the end of next week.


The husbands are downstairs, reading a script together.

Us moms, well, we gave up and have retreated to our respective beds.  Reluctantly, I might add.

How I treasure these times, these friends. 


PS: I went out and purchased Just Dance for my Wii today. I’m thinking about joining in the Dance Your Bloggy Off competition……hmmmm, I’ll keep thinking.

If nothing else, its a VERY fun game to play.


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