Monday, February 22, 2010

I’m a control freak.

When my life is spinning out of control, or there is something major going on in my life, I cling to the one thing I can control. My hair.

I present you with what photographic evidence I can come up with, I really need more pictures of myself.

Exhibit A:

100_7695 This was me shortly before our big move two years ago. Long, dark brown hair (probably very close to my natural color- I think)

meandaaronThis was shortly after our move (like within a few weeks- I had a few inches cut off, but most of all, went blonde!!!


I cut it shorter and went back to brown when I lost a friendship that had been a major part of my life.

Not long after that, I went through a major depression and got it cut even shorter, and went back blonde.  (I hate this picture of me, but I share nonetheless)


That was almost a year ago, since then, I have maintained my color for the most part, and just gotten normal trims. I grew my hair out (tried) for a long time, and then went and had some layers put in to give it depth blah, blah, blah.

I don’t have any pictures of the back of my hair recently, but it was an inch or so below my collar.


This is me and bossman at Christmas, you can see the layers, and all that.

So the other day, with all that was going on, we needed to go out. I didn’t want to go out, but it needed to be done. While we were out, I decided to take the plunge and get my haircut.

Here’s the results- I’m actually very pleased with, and think it will be a low maintenance style.



All that to say, I’m a control freak. I hate feeling out of control. So its in times like this, that I cling to the one thing I can control. My hair. 


{Kimber} on February 22, 2010 at 8:50 AM said...

women and our hair :)
I think mine has been numerous shades of the rainbow!!
I like yours best I think the color it is now!! very cutie

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