Saturday, January 16, 2010

Last Night

Casanova and I got to have a “take two” date for our Anniversary. See, we just celebrated 10 years of marriage on November 27, we were broke that weekend (right after T’giving") but we were going to go to JoJo’s apartment and stay the night and watch movies and still celebrate.


Well, that was during my bad spell where I was just so sick all the time for no known reason. We still went. He had a migraine that ended up making him sick. We still went. We were over there for a few hours and I just broke down crying. I wanted to come home. I was tired, I didn’t feel good, I wanted to be home in my surroundings, and in my bed.


And I did, came home and went straight to bed. So our anniversary date kinda flopped.

Then Christmas and New Year, and chaos. Last night was the first night we had the opportunity to get away. JoJo kept the kids, and off we went.  We went to Olive Garden, which is where we ate after our wedding. (we had an uber small ceremony and no reception) We even splurged and got dessert to share! Plus, I knew it would be easy for me to find something meatless to eat there.  Afterwards we walked around Best Buy for a bit looking at things for our next big project (ooooo, what could it be??)


We were home fairly early, and then laid in bed watching The Proposal. During which, I promptly fell asleep. But it was a very nice evening. And a wonderful “take two” Certainly made up for the disaster that was our original anniversary date.


How about you? Any horrible dates with your spouse/bf/significant other?


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