Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I could be wrong…

and if so, forgive me. However, I have to get this off my chest.

I am a member of 3 different Freecycle groups across the city.

And while most of the posts are fine, there are a few that brush me a wrong way.

“Wanted:Blueray player”

“Wanted: Ipod or Itouch”

“Wanted: Rockband for Wii”

“Wanted: Couch” with a body that reads- I’m remodeling my house, and my old couch just doesn’t work anymore. Looking for a new couch, please send pictures, must be in like new condition.

Seriously???? Are you freaking kidding me? The phrase- “it never hurts to ask” only goes so far!


While I love freecycle and being able to get rid of my stuff, and occasionally finding a great deal, I do think that it highlights the greedy nature of people sometimes.

Thoughts? Are you on your local Freecycle list? Have you seen anything like what I mentioned?


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