Thursday, January 7, 2010

30 before 30

30 before 30


  1. Lose 100 pounds

  2. transfer into nursing school

  3. Go on a real family vacation

  4. Go away for the weekend with Casanova.

  5. Volunteer for a charity

  6. RUN a 5k

  7. Sing karaoke

  8. Get a tattoo

  9. Read 50 new books

  10. Learn a new skill

  11. Pad the savings account

  12. Splurge on something totally for me

  13. Go on a girls only road trip

  14. Get all dressed up and go out to eat someplace fancy

  15. Girls day out mani/pedi

  16. Ride the shockwave at Six Flags

  17. Get my cartilage pierced

  18. Get some awesome photos of me taken- after losing 100 pounds

  19. Have an all adult hooky day- movies, PJ's and junk food.

  20. Be well along in the process to repair credit/buy a house.

  21. Learn how to change a tire on my car.

  22. Watch all the movies nominated for Best Picture (Oscar) in '10 and '11

  23. Get 100 followers on my blog

  24. Get up early and go watch Kidd Kraddick in the morning when someone good is visiting.

  25. Re-do our headboard

  26. Make a wish list of 10 things I want to own under $100 and buy them over a period of time before I turn 30. Those little things especially, like apothecary jars and decorative things I don't' usually spend money on.

  27. Buy something special for Casanova “just because” when he least expects it.

  28. Use snail mail 5 times to encourage someone.

  29. Learn to drive a standard.

  30. Have an awesome huge 30th birthday bash!


I turn 30 in 21 months. I better get started!


{Kimber} on January 7, 2010 at 9:02 AM said...

great goals!!!!!!!
good luck with them!!!

Beth on January 8, 2010 at 10:22 AM said...

You're awesome, girl! I know you can do it!

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