Thursday, December 17, 2009

Blog Love-shout out!

I wish I kept better track of where I found certain blogs, but I don’t. Can’t- I read so many. But I found this mama through SITS (I THINK).

If you are THAT mom like me- and wait until the last possible second to get out of bed to prep the kids for school in the morning- you might be a tad rushed. And if you are THAT mom like me, and have a girl (or two) you may be tempted to just do ponytails, half ponytails, or headbands. Blah! Diva usually sports a headband, and Stinkerbell has a huge array of bows. Yes, accessories are cute- but fun hairstyles are so much cuter!

When I came across this blog, I figured the styles would be difficult and time consuming. Nothing could be farther than the truth! They are quick, easy and fun!

Yesterday, I time tested a couple hairstyles, to see if they fit realistically into our school mornings. I’m sure that it helped that the girls were SO excited to get a “cute hair-do” that they literally flew out of bed and threw their clothes on while brushing their teeth at the same time.

The camera batteries died before I got pictures of Diva, but here is how Stinkerbell went off to school yesterday…



Yes, its far from perfect, and actually a failed attempt at a style from the site, lol but it still looks cute. If I could find the perfect recipe to keep my 5 year old’s head straight when I’m fixing her hair, it would be awesome!

If you are a mama of girls, go now. Go to this mama’s blog and get lost in twists, and curls, and braids and buns and cuteness! (not just the hair either!)

Adopt a 'Do - Cute Girls Hairstyles


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