Saturday, December 5, 2009

Be Afraid!

Photo credit: Josie @ All For Fun Photography

Be very afraid! Today, if everything goes as planned.....HA! Today after much crying, whining, and gnashing of teeth (and thats just me), we're going to take family pictures for Christmas cards/gifts. What you see above is our last family picture. Brainiac was in serious need of a haircut, Bossman was just barely over 1, Stinkerbell didn't want to cooperate, Diva was well, Diva- the one child I don't have to worry about cooperating when the camera comes out. As far as I go, I don't know what was up with my choice of hairstyle. If I had to guess I'd say, we were rushed and in a hurry, and I spent so much time getting everyone else ready that I just had to pull it back and call it a day.

Today, we're attempting it again. I don't like having my picture taken. I like it even less now, that whatever health problems I'm having have caused me to pack back on the 50 pounds I worked so hard to lose. But we're a family, and its Christmas time. So let the torture begin!


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